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We offer a combined family class environment and our program is available for anyone 7 and older. Use the form below to book your spot for your orientation class. Please submit 1 form per family, and include all student names and ages that will be participating.

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This is provided as a no-strings attached chance to come in and experience for yourself what it means to be a Champion Black Belt. You will be shown basics of Tae Kwon Do, practical self-defense techniques, effective stretching while getting in a great exercise. You will also be exposed to some of the leadership and character development program that is part of our curriculum. If after two weeks you don’t feel Champion Black Belt is a good fit for you (or your children) then you can leave without any cost.

Every great martial artist, from Bruce Lee to Chuck Norris to Jean-Claude Van Damme or otherwise, one day had to walk into a dojo put on a white belt and be taught how to make a basic stance and throw their first punches and kicks.

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