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Here are resources for new and existing students. Get ready for your first class; learn about the history of TaeKwonDo, American Freestyle, or martial arts; get gear; learn how to rest and recover; and much more.

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Getting Started

History, Tenets, and Philosophy of TaeKwonDo

  • Korean origins of TaeKwonDo – Coming soon
  • American origins of TaeKwonDo – Coming soon
  • Origins and heritage of Champion Black Belt – Coming soon
  • Origins of American Freestyle – Coming soon
  • Five Tenets of TaeKwonDo – Coming soon
  • Philosophy of a Warrior – Coming soon
  • What is a Black Belt? What makes someone a Champion Black Belt? – Coming soon

Champion Black Belt System

  • Five focuses of Champion Black Belt – Coming soon
  • Road to becoming a Champion Black Belt – Coming soon

Student Resources

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